To “stage” our exhibition basically means to create a memorable setting which engages the visitors physically and frames the variety of projects.

One basic thought for our staging was to create some sort of gradient from “sketch” to “final result”.

Idea 1 – Dark to Bright

From “I know nothing” (dark) to “now I know!” (bright). The black corner might be lighted with some flourescent lamp.


Idea 2 – Mountains

A large moutain of pictures of the objects, books, scribbles all over the room, some holes and some little hills in there make the visitors move around or above it.


Idea 3 – From Chaos to Order

The left side of the room might be plastered with drawings and short projects hanging from the ceiling. The right part of the room is seperated by a couple of stairs as the “stage” is entered. On the stage the final projects are presented clean and carefully arranged.



Idea 4 – Clearing the fog

A battle of the elements taking place right in our exhibition! Fog coming from the left of the room is blown away by fans on the right of the room.

The short projects and inspirational sources are partially covered by the fog, whereas the final projects remain clearly visible. The metaphor is quite obvious.

(and also the people are going to love us for setting up fans in our room)


Idea 5 – Sketchy Ceiling

Sketches and thoughts on our projects are used to create a gradient in the space.
On one end of the room the pages are hanging on a string from the ceiling and nearly touching the floor. The height is increasing until the pages are visually “glued” to the ceiling. Projects are shown as soon as sketches are hanging high enough for visitors to walk through.

Skizze_2 Skizze_1

We finally went for this solution:


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