by Felix Scholder


This project is about transfering time to an object. I tracked the time I spent on different activities during the 25th of March. Each activity is compiled into a rectangle etched into a copper plate. The duration of each etching process is related to the duration of that particular activity. Thus the surface of the copperplate displays a temporal profile of my day.

I investigated time since the allocation of our time is a crucial aspect of our lives. Exploring time from a design perspective my main question was how to transfer something immaterial – like time – to an object. I chose copper because of the way it allows me to work very precisely with its surface and haptic quality. The working process and also the etching itself was related to time. Through the etching I reached various depths in the copper plate which display the time spent. The time which the copperplate spent in the acid is directly correlated to the time I spent on the certain activities. The final result is a display of how I spent the 25th of March.


The copper plate is composed from 21 rectangular areas and thin dividing lines that separate the surfaces from each other. In addition, in each of the rectangles on the left is a word symoblise a particular activity. Words such as lines are notable for the sublime smooth, untreated copper surface. They form an intense contrast to the areas which have been changed strong by the etching, in color and surface. Outwardly got the plate by a very coarse and rough appearance. In addition, this „handmade“ – character.


The precise lines and the exact font is a very nice contrast to the different areas emerged. The dividing lines were necessary to be able to compare the surfaces together and reasonable to make the subtle differences in the surface noticeable. This allows the visitor to feel the various timeslots.


To illustrate the various periods of time in the area I used narrow plotted lines on the exhibition table. Those glossy black lines can be seen and felt. Those dividing lines continue in the copper plate . The intermediate resulting surface shows the various periods of time in a subtle way and make them easier comparable.


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