Can we talk?

by Zuzana Liptáková (illustrations by: Alica Raticová)



About this project:

Since I have been an exchange student in Germany I have been facing a long distance relationship. I found it rather difficult to stay in touch with my boyfriend regularly. Due to our different lifestyles, mine as a student and his as a full time employee, it is difficult to find a time span which we can dedicate to one another. This is not an uncommon situation, many couples face this phenomenon.


I have started by exploring different possibilities of trasmitting the presence of another person. Soon, it has turned out that the presence and the absence are of the same importance. Moreover, I have realised that it is only time truly dedicated to the other person that counts. As a result of my journey I have made two objects which serve as a time synchroniser between partners.

The advantage of having a physical device is that the presence of the object itself connects and reminds you of your partner. The time setting is done by simple twisting the object and does not require any additional actions. The object automatically synchronises to its pair. This way you can instantly see your partner availability, if it has already been set up.



I have created a pair of objects used to pass information about time availability between partners in a long distance relationship. The aim is for both partners to set the time, when they are available for the other each other. The synchronised devices will not only serve the “practical” purpose of finding a good time to talk, but the ritual of setting a time adds another layer of connection.


The exhibition was divided into 3 parts, first was a short comic strip explaining my motivation. Second part consisted of the material I have used to build the objects and the last part was a prototype of the object itself.



To found out more about the conception phase click here

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