Hyper reality

by Petra Ritzer


News from different kinds of channels influence and even shape our perception. “Hyper reality” analyses news stories on related topics and filter there out similarities, which direct our point of view. Theses archetypes are interpreted in self-building sculptures.


Throughout the course of history news has been all along. The distance between the sender and acceptor and also the available diversity of media has been growing to a complex system. Usually we expose ourselves consciously with this huge amount of information, which influences our understanding of the world. Alain de Botton mentions in his book “News” about 43 different archetypical stories in news, which are restated again and again. “Hyper reality” analyses news articles with similar opinion-forming messages. In this project seven archetypes of the located repeating messages are translated into sculptures made of wire using Nitinol, a material with a shape memory effect.


The visitor is asked to scroll through a collection of news articles on a tablet computer. According to the current story, a particular sculpture is provided with electricity. The wire heats up and the sculpture starts to rebuild its “memorized” form. The subtle movement of the self rebuilding sculpture represents the development of hyper realities through news.


In addition, a projection on the sculptures generates a shadow on pictures, serving as a metaphor for the influence of news.

hyperreality_7   hyperreality_1

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