Out of reach

by Cornelia Gruber & Elena Keller


Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease that gradually unables people to use motor abilities such as moving, walking or even speaking. On the basis of knowing people in a very advanced state of the disease, we initially explored the topic. Our goal was to put people we know in the centre of our research and therefore set the basis for a meaningful product development.

1. experiments

To walk in their shoes and gain a better understanding of their lives, we did several exceptional experiments: What does it mean for a lively mind to be locked in an unaccessable body? What does it mean to lose control over one‘s movements? What does it mean to communicate without speech? We documented the experiences in six brochures.



2. motor skills

One of our main goals was to discover individual motor activity and to explore ways how it can be understand and measured. An interactive board containing all kinds of objects from daily life means to make people more aware of the omnipresence and complexity of various motor skills.

5_kl 6_kl7_kl


3.  “57 out of 1” – insight in one experiment

How does our brain work and how do we access it? This experiment reveals, that we’re not thinking and then doing, but rather thinking through doing. From the letters of one word – transparent – we tried to make as many new combinations as possible. Picking the letters up, laying them down, pushing them – like that new words are being evolved that we couldn’t have even thought of only through our brain. The way the letters are building groups almost like dancing!


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