Right or wrong?

by Alena Deisenhofer


This project is a design exploration of our haptic senses. How can we use them? How can they be altered – or manipulated? Your eyes will not be able to tell the differences between these objects. You will need your hands to feel them.


In packaging and industrial design the surface and haptic senses of an object is crucial. Every object around us has a characteristic surface.
My question is: How important is the “correct” – the expected – haptic feedback. And what happens if we alter or manipulate the haptic appearances? This I want to confuse and irritate people by exposing them to objects which all look identical but feel different. People have to touch and interact with the objects to develop an understanding of them.

By the reduction of neutral objects the haptical feelings getting more in intense and enabled the full focus on the senses.

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The main thing is that the visitor should touch the objects. He had to feel, hear and pull up the objects to explore them.

There are different surfaces, different weights and different materials what all looks the same. This is why the visitors have to touch and feel it, otherwise they don’t know what its about and what happened.

They are 3 different stations where the visitor can interact with the objects.

Let it fall!


At first you had to drop the cubes on the frame and listen!

You can hear four different sounds and you will combine the sound with an imagination of this material and how stable it is.

We combine the sound of a surfaces with high-quality. The sound of high-quality material is mainly deeper and heavier — not hollow and dead-sounding.

In fact we connect the sound of heaviness with safety, stability and significance.

Pull it up!11

Here you had to use your hands, too. This four balls in two sizes looks the same, but they are really different.  To find out, what the different is, you had to pull it up.

You will realize that the weight is extremely different. The weight from one of the big balls are about 8 kg and the other big one just 150g. (small: 300g and 10g) This is what you don’t expect and you will be irritated at the first time.
Your brain is easily to confuse.

To suggest a higher significance, product designers are cheating with weight. They use the psychological and physical connection between weight and high quality, good processing and expensive materials to convince the costumers to buy the product.

Touch it! 12

There are two pieces of fabric and they are also looks the same. Here you have to touch the surface to feel the difference. The second piece is hard and in comparison to the other one really spiky.

Soft and pleasant material can change into a fixed and hard surface. Smooth structures are more pleasant then hard and spiky areas. We relate soft and smooth with good and pleasant. This connection is still used in product design to animate us to buy the product and to feel safe and well.

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