The difference between blood groups made tactile by the use of sandpaper.
by Regina Schröter

The ABO blood group system distinguishs four blood groups by antigens present on red blood cells. These antigens (and the antibodies in the blood plasma) are responsible for blood agglutinate when mixed with the wrong kind of blood preservation. I tried to convert the visualisation of these antigenes into something you can feel, something that gives you a tactile “aggressive” impression of antigenes.

These objects are made from cardboard and sandpaper with different grain size.

The blood group 0 has no sandpaper surface at all due to the Absence of antigenes on the red blood cells. Blood Groups A and B differ by a tangible grain size and blood group AB is marked on one side “A” and on the other side “B sandpaper grain type”.

DSCN0313 DSCN0316

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