by Elena Bauer

Back when paper tissues were not as common as they are today, my grandma would always carry a handkerchief. Mostly used for blowing one’s nose, it also offered an interesting reminding technique: When my grandma thought of something important she didn’t want to forget about, she would tie a knot in her handkerchief. So whenever she reached for it, she would then be reminded of whatever she had to do.


When I want to remember something today, I usually write down the task on my to-do list. But as I keep adding more and more items to the list I sometimes end up feeling a bit stressed. I have all these things on my mind and I think a lot about how much I still have to do, instead of addressing one thing at a time.

I decided to use the metaphor of the handkerchief to give my to-do list a physical form. My ‘To-Do handkerchief’ is 5.95 m long and thus offers a lot of space for ‘reminding knots’.

The tied knots also represent how unfinished tasks feel like ‘brain knots’ to me, and the process of solving issues is given a tactile dimension (getting shit done -> untying the knots).


6m long hanky

Embroidered cotton fabric
Dimensions:  595 cm × 26.5 cm

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