knit and wait

by Daniel Parnitzke

The time spent on waiting on Wednesday 25.03.2015 is translated into an object.


We spend a lot of our time waiting. We are waiting for the train, for the mail, for the Pizza delivery guy. The time spent on waiting feels to us like wasted time. Therefore we try to use that time for activities like reading, listening to music and so on. Although we are mainly waiting for arriving at the destination, for opening the mail, for eating a delicious Pizza, we spend the waiting period with totally trivial activities.

The size of the oven cloth represents the waiting period and shows the different activities during waiting through different colors. For every minute spent on waiting, I spent a minute knitting. In total I was waiting for 150 minutes.

oven cloth

A knitted oven cloth emerges during waiting. It gets knitted in front of the television, during traveling or waiting. An oven cloth rarely gets knitted just for the joy of knitting an oven cloth.


The oven cloth shows our own compulsion to use every spare minute of the day. Doing nothing is considered as wasting time. At this point we forget that enjoying the time free of duty and activity helps our body and mind to recover.

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