This is mine.

by Tobias Lugmeier

I like to keep my favorite objects around. And I like to use them in everyday life. And by using them they start to change, to become more and more familiar.

The ‘Patina’ shows that an object has been used many times. The bumps and scratches on aluminum and steel, the silky layer on old wooden tables, all those marks are traces of the persons who used it. Even if the person who used the object isn’t present any more, he though left his identity by influencing the outer form of the object.

For example this stool: A person sitting on the same stool for years and years, leaving marks of his body on the surface, slowly becomes familiar with it.





But like the traces we leave on objects, can objects leave traces on us? Could it be possible that using an object for a long time changes us? Have You ever changed the place of your furniture because your favorite chair had to be in the right place? Have you ever had a pen that made sketching and writing an unknown pleasure and that made you change the way you write? Maybe good designed objects can stain on us and unconsciously change the way we live.


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