by Tobias Lugmeier

Real ‘smart objects’ should make you smart, not dumb and lazy – this calculator will discipline you to use your brain again.

Wahre ‘smart objects’ sollten Dich klüger, nicht dümmer und bequemer machen – dieser Taschenrechner wird dir helfen wieder selbst zu rechnen.

Technological progress is making us humans more efficient by doing all the stuff we would need a lot more time for. Which is a great thing. Basically. We built machines to do our work, but by doing so we forget what that work was all about, we rely on what the machines do for us. Without them we wouldn’t stand a chance. In my opinion it is extremely dangerous to think that we don’t have to think any more, because the machines do that instead.

Take the calculator as an example: he was built to keep us from wasting time trying to solve difficult mathematical tasks again and again, but step by step we forget how to calculate. We even let him solve the easiest equations.

We should use machines to make our work more efficient, but we must never forget what the work they do for us was all about because otherwise all that knowledge will be gone. We should combine the best of both human and digital knowledge.

This Calculator tells us if the task we give him is too easy and makes us try it ourselves. Step by step we re-learn how to calculate.




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