Picture Frame Reminder

This is a digital device that should remind the user to stay in touch with friends in daily life.

The more people i get to know i realised that i can never fully tell them “the story of my life” or update them constantly about what i am doing, even if i really care about staying in touch with them. As i go on with my daily routine every day, i sometimes forget catching up with these friends that are studying abroad, old friends that stayed back in my hometown, relatives that are spread all around Bavaria or simply fellow students, that i dont meet in uni cause they have different schedules.

My attempted solution is a digital picture frame that suggests you a person every day, selected randomly from a data bank.

I didnt added an option to contact the friend instantly and directly cause most of the time we just cant get in touch right in that moment. It is meant as a “Hey, i am still alive, don’t you wonder what i am up to?”

Then it is up to the user to chose the kind of appropriate communication to get in touch again and start a conversation.


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