Bring Nature Indoors?

by Elena Bauer

Today, we spend roughly 90% of our time inside buildings.

Over the last years I noticed that I feel much better when I am able to spend most of my day outdoors. And there is a lot of evidence that it is indeed better. In the majority of cases the air quality inside is far worse than it is outside. And being outside is also highly linked to better moods and better outlooks on life in general.

But even though we know that going outside more often would be good for us, for the most time we have no options but to spend a considerable amount of our time working in offices, university buildings etc. And even if we manage to spend another hour or so outside to e.g. go for a run, we finally lie down to sleep for another quarter to third of our day – indoors, of course.

So I thought about the following: Is there a need for bringing nature back into our living spaces? Should we artificially make nature tangible again? Would that make us happier? Or should we rather try to battle our laziness?

So these are just some things I am experimenting with…

I made a light and thin ‘shell’ out of starch-based bioplastic and cotton fabric. It is supposed to work as an alarm that reminds me to go for a surf. When there is a storm building on the Atlantic, it (should ideally) start to produce the sound of breaking waves.

It would maybe make more sense to develop an app for that – but a ‘push notification’ on my phone lacks a certain sensual and natural ‘dimension’ that I would preferably be able to experience in nature itself if living close to the sea would be more practical and affordable.

So in the end, this ‘little helper’ serves the purpose of bringing a natural experience – the sound of waves – into my indoors living space AND it also reminds me to get my lazy ass out of bed, go outside to experience nature as it is.

(more to come?)



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