Feel it

by Alena Deisenhofer

Feel it!

We all can see colors like red, white, green….but I want to feel the color. I started a little survey to find out to which color mach with which texture. The persons just felt the surface texture, they all saw nothing. (blindfold) It was funny to see, which texture match with which color.


After the survey not every color got is „typical“ texture but there was a constant.

  1. Smooth surface = white or grey
  2. Soft surface = warm colors like red or orange.
  3. Cold and polished surface = blue, grey
  4. rough surface = green or brown



Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-08 um 11.04.27



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  1. This is a cool idea! It would be if you could test more people! Or test it at the Werkschau!! At least I would be interested to test it myself and see if I can “see” haptics 🙂

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