Studying materials – Moss ‘paint’
by Elena Bauer


Mixing moss, yoghurt and water with a blender.


Painting the felt with the moss paint.



Moss ‘carpet’.
Hopefully the moss will start growing and finally look more like this:


Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër?


  1. Update: Unfortunately, the moss paint turned out to be a failure. Mould started to grow before the moss could. I did more research on the topic and I couldn’t find any documentation of the moss paint working (which is weird, because there are hundreds of articles about the graffiti paint itself). I guess it could work if one is lucky, but for the most part the trustable way to cultivate moss would be to just collect it and place it on the surface where one wants it to grow. It is also quite hard to maintain the perfect conditions for it to start growing. So maybe next time I’m going to try a glass terrarium to retain the moisture.

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