Map a park

by Zuzana Liptakova

In the history maps were valuable objects of a great cost. Today, maps are easily accessible on the internet. This omnipresence of maps allowed me to filter out the element of navigation and rather focus on aspects, that are not accessible using computer.


In my park map I’ve collected natural objects, which I’ve found in the park and made a box out of thin translucent paper. The size box itself is based on the size of the park.


I chose a delicate material like paper for two reasons. First, the nature changes permanently and so by building a fragile box, which gets damaged quickly the need to explore and collect new examples is created. The second reason is the opening of the box itself, which extracts the viewer from the reality and makes him act carefully and patiently. Only with this calm and focused mindset the beauty of the objects inside can be fully acknowledged.


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