In this section we document the progress of our main projects.

The following stages are recommended but not mandatory:

  • Write down in one sentence what your broad topic is.
  • Write down in 2-3 sentences what your personal interest, your personal motivation is.
  • Write down a narrow specific assignment for yourself. Make it small!
  • Come up with tons of ideas. Write down and illustrate(!) at least 20 ideas. They can be dumb, small, embarrassing, boring or downright stupid but they have to be many. Every idea should consist of a title, one written sentence and a picture.
  • Elaborate your idea in a way that inspires you. Write it down and illustrate it in a way that will turn you on, remind you what motivated you in the first place and keep you going when you hit a rough patch later on. Yes, there will be rough patches!
  • Prototype! Try things out! Work with your hands! Make things real as early as possible!

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