Elisabeth Wagner

Personal 3D Map

instead of looking for a specific place, find you way in unknown areas in  your or new city.
With a tracking app on my smartphone i save daily my GPS tracks. Parallel to this I simulate on a map where i have been already without GPS data.

IMG_3307 IMG_3308


First visualizing of gpx – files

Working on Processing code

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-02 um 09.11.37



Try out some ways how i could make a 3d model of the map

1 – Tracks visualized by Acryl blocks

the high depends on how often I’ve been there

IMG_6889 IMG_6883


2 – Tracks visualized by engraving / laser cuts in Acryl plates

IMG_6903 IMG_6905

3 – Tracks visualized by projection on stripes (wiremap)

My favorite one

Mapping on wires

Try out with a small prototype which material would be the best:IMG_3478



– nylon wire

– acryl 1 mm

– acryl 2 mm

– washing line 3 mm

Like in the picture you see, there is the best reflection of the projector, especially inside of the material.

Construction of a grid with 200 wires in Illustrator by simulation the light of the projector.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-10 um 17.53.34

Points for the wires.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-10 um 17.54.12





  1. Do you need some help with Cinema 4D? I’m not an expert (AT ALL) but I could try to explain to you the little I know. What do you want to model exactly?

    1. Try to make a relief of my tracks. The straight lines have several top points. But it depends how i go on in this project. Could be that i don’t need this at all . Thanks!

  2. Well, we need a little bit more information here. Could you describe the setup in more detail please? Could you add (beautiful and clear) sketches of how you would build this and how the projection would work?
    The tracks in sketch 2 are nice but appear a bit … flat. After all, they are trapped in a box.

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