Felix Scholder

Different perceptions of time
If we talk about time we talk about something really abstract. Time perception is always different and we all got different views on it. We need time measurement to manage our life. There are deadlines, dates and appointments. Almost everyone uses a watch and a calendar. If not we would have no clue, what happens next. We`re planning activities, free time, work and our future. The way we spend our time tells a lot about our personality, our behaviour and our past. Everyone of us has to deal with time in his daily life, but we all do it in a different way.

Broad Topic
I`d like to explore different time perceptions from a design perspective.

Personal Interest
Often we talk about time as an object. We`re talking about saving time and wasting time.
So i asked myself the question, how could we see time through an object?

Comparing objects

Several objects have a different biological half-life. Organic materials like fruits or vegetables rot. Inorganic materials in contrast seem to look good from the outside for a longer time, depending on how we treat them. Comparing those materials shows us a different perception of time in a metaphoric way through different objects and materials. It tells us something about the environment of those objects and several aging.




Time as an object

During our everyday life we are surrounded by different objects and we define us through them. We spend time using them for nearly everything. e.g. if I like to drink coffee I spend 200 hours a year with a cup in my hands. I like to show the different time perception through the object I use for a certain activity by building the object with handcraft. Depends on spending time with an activity for a certain period. The act of building that object gives me an impression of the time I spend for that certain activity and a kind of appreciation for it.

E.g. If i like to drink coffee, I`ll track the time I spend on drinking cofee and built a cup during a certain time segment.

Comparing time

Everyone of us got a different time perception. So how could I record that? I got the idea to use data of personal behaviours like the consumption of water or food (time we spend on our smartphones ) e.g. . The data could come from our circadian rhythm or our daily habits. Things that everybody does on a different way, in a different period. So I translate the data into movement. So you can compare different expenditure of time. That tells us a lot about each others perception of time, the appreciation of certain activities and different behaviours.


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