Failure / Success

by Philip Junk


As a result of many failed experiments with edible gummy, I developped a typography, that describes an insight: failing goes hand in hand with succeeding.

“Learning from mistakes” – a cheesy saying, that still contains a truth. It can be frustrating to hit a conceptual dead-end, to watch material experiments fail or cover your kitchen in a sticky layer of gummy for the tenth time. But nothing teaches you more than the actual working around a material. Every failed attempt is followed by an insight, every unenjoyable gummy bear is followed by a less disgusting one an every failure is followed by a small success. And so failed I repeatedly on the material of my choice – gummy bears. Failing, that ultimately led me to the internalisation of the saying “learning from mistakes”, since internalising cheesy sayings works like every other process: by doing. Building on this insight, I developed the typographic experiment “Failure / Success”.




first sketch for a transforming typography


philipjunk_failure_success_02mold for the gummy

philipjunk_failure_success_03philipjunk_failure_success_04setup at the Werkschau
the typography is placed on a sandjetted piece of acrylic glass with warm light from below

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