Field trips

We need to leave the boondocks of our minds once in a while and our broaden our horizon. In order to get in touch with different design perspective we consider it vital to move physically to other places and get in touch with various designers and artists. In this project we decided to go to Berlin and London.


Joachim Sauter, ART+COM

IMG_4428 copy

Joachim Sauter was so kind to give us on overview over the history of ART+COM, a design studio specialised on digital installations. He also talked about his view on current developments in digital media and about the importance to experiment and take risks.

Fabian Hemmert, UdK labs

IMG_4443 copy

Fabian introduced us to his work at the University of the Arts. At the UdK labs he and his team do research on haptic communication and digital product development.

Critique with Sascha Pohflepp

Sascha discussed our ideas with us.

„Zero“-Exhibition at Gropius Bau

IMG_3067 copy

IMG_3073 copy


RCA Show

The Graduate show at RCA was an ideal background against which we debated our insights of the past months. In particular we were concerned with the idea of “Speculative Design” and the role design plays in our world.

IMG_5007 copy

IMG_6603 copy


Bartlett Show

The rich, beautiful and intelligent work of the students at Bartlett School of Architecture is always a kind but firm reminder of how lazy the rest of us are compared to architecture students.

IMG_6644 copy

IMG_6648 copy

IMG_6655 copy

IMG_6656 copy

Hayward Gallery

IMG_3616 copy

IMG_3617 copy

IMG_4903 copy

IMG_3621 copy

Tate Modern

IMG_3631 copy

IMG_4907 copy

IMG_4926 copy

V&A Museum

IMG_4940 copy

IMG_4935 copy

Science Museum

The Science Museum in London is one of the oldest science museums in the world with their playful and entertaining exhibition design it contrasts nicely with the “Deutsches Museum” in Munich.

IMG_4918 copy

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